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Mail Order Price list – DECEMBER 2017

 {Prices include 14% VAT, excludes Postage/Courier charge.}

Prices subject to change without prior notice on Imported products due to Rand Dollar exchange.

TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY: Please note: All goods sent via Post or Courier is at purchasers own risk. If you require insurance please specify on your order as we will add to your quote. Once goods leave Vaal Craft Distributors, we are not liable for it’s loss in post or by courier.


3/4/ Ply Knitting yarns

               Mirage Baby 3 ply – R7.00/25g                                         Elle Baby 3 ply – R20.00/50g

               Elle  Fairies Delight D.K-R20.00/50g                             Baby Blue Label 4 Ply-R18.00/50g

               Elle Babykins 3ply/4 Ply/D.K-R16,00/50g                    Classic 4 Ply Plain-R7,00/25g


4 Ply Knitting yarns

              Elle Premier 4 Ply Cotton-R30.00/50g                             Blue Label 4 ply PRINTS- R8.00 /25g

               Elle Family Knit 4 ply -R17.00/50g                                  Mirage 4 ply – R7.00 /25g

               Elle Baby 4 Ply – R20.00/50g                                              Classic 4 Ply-MULTIS  R8.00/25g

               Mirage 4 Ply – R110.00 per 500g Cone                                    Fiesta 4 Ply – R120.00 per 500g Cone

Double knitting yarns

                Blue Label Pullskein D.K-R22.00/100g                         Blue Label D.K Multis -R30.00/100g

                Lollipop D.K -R28.00/100g (Turkish yarn)                   Mirage D.K-R25.00/100g

                Elle Pullskein D.K-R30.00/100g                                      Charity D.K Prints -R25,00/100g

                Mirage D.K-R7.00/25g                                                       Pure Gold D.K -R45.00/100g

                Charity D.K -R20.00 /100g

                Elle Family Knit D.K-R17.00/50g                                     Elle Whisp -R34.00/100g

                Elle Premier 100% cotton D.K-R30.00/50g                   NEW! Picasso D.K-R40,00/100g ball

                Elle Rustica D.K 20% wool tweed-R22.00/50g            Elle Kaleido Aran -R30,00/100g

                Elle Baby D.K – R20.00/50g                                               Raeesah 100% cotton D.K -R20.00/50g

                Charity Double Knit by Elle-R20.00/100g                     Nordic Tweed D.K-R24.00/50g

               Blue Label Pullskein Lurex D.K-R40.00/100g               Elle Pullskein D.K Print-R40.00/100g


                                                                                                                                                                                             Chunky knitting yarns

                 Elle Family knit chunky-R17.00/50g                               Classic Chunky Multi’s -R30.00/100g

                Elle Mischief Chunky -R18.00/50g                                   Elle Classic Wool chunky -R48,00/100g

                Elle Rustica chunky 20% wool Tweed-R22.00/50g

               Loom Easy chunky – R26.00/100g                                    Loom Easy XL chunky-Multi’s-R60.00/200g

                Loom Easy XL- R55.00/200g Plain Colours

                Lollipop Chunky-R28.00/100g                                          Loom Easy Multi colours -R30.00/100g

               Pure Gold Chunky – R45.00/100g

Charity Chunky -R22.00/100g                                                Charity Seriously chunky-R40.00/150g

             XXL Chunky -R95.00/300g                                       Arm Knitting 3XL -R110,00/400g

Fancy knitting yarns

              Pom Pom Small – R18.00/50g                                           Pom Pom Medium-R30.00/100g

              Crystals (Glitter/Lash)-R20.00/50g                                Fancy Fur (Eyelash)-R18.00/50g

              Mascara(Glitter/Lash)-R18.00/50g                                Alexis (Towelling texture)-R18.00/50g

               Pixel Feather Yarn -R14.00/50g                                      Alexis Chunky -R45,00/100g

              Soft & Sweet Lace yarn-R20.00/100g                            Soft & Sweet Pom Pom lace-R25.00/100g

              Soft & Sweet Lurex lace-R25.00/100g                            Alexis XL Chunky -R90,00/200g

              Rumba Lace -R35.00/100g

              Crochet Threads

              Elle Crochet No.5-R22.00/50g                                          Elle Crochet with lurex-R28.00/50g

              Elle Crochet No.5-R99.00/250g cone

              Elle Premier pure cotton 4 ply-R30.00/50g                 Cotton On Seriously Chunky -Dyed-R35.00/100g

              Jacaranda Crochet No.5/No.8 -R20.00/50g –  Jacaranda Crochet Thread 100% Polyester-R100.00/500g

              Summer Sheen No.5-R120.00/500g cone

              Summer Sheen No.8-R120.00/500g cone                      Panda Viscose No.5-R90.00/500g cone

              Blue Label Cro.No.5 -R18.00/50g ball

              Coats Knit Cro-Sheen No.5/8-R35.00/50g

              D.M.C Mercer No.20/40/60-/80/100. R70.00/20g  Funky Chunky XL 500g-R90.00/cone

              New-Elle Cotton On Chunky-R25.00/100g                   Funky Chunky cotton  -R90.00/500g cone

              Spaghetti T-Shirt Yarn -R35.00/100g ball                     Smart T-Shirt yarn -R30.00 per 500g.

Knitting Accessories

               Elle short knitting loom-R70.00 ea.                             Elle Long knitting Loom-R80.00 ea.

                Round loom set of 4-R180.00                                    Indigo Long loom set of 4-R180.00

              Elle Tollietjie Brei-R50.00 ea.                                         Elle Mini flower loom – R45.00 ea.

              Elle Kiddies knit needles 4/5/6mm-R25.00/pair      Elle Pom Pom maker-R99.00/2 pack

              Flower Loom set of 6 -R130.00/pack                             Indigo Round loom set R180.00/4 pack

              Lollipop Knitting bag-R70.00 ea.                                 Lollipop Knitting Tin- R35.00 ea.

              Knitting needles 30cm All sizes-R25.00/pair             Crochet hooks R15.00 each . All sizes

              Elle Plastic Crochet hook set of 3-R15.00/pack         Prym Knitting machine mill -R320.00 ea.

              Wooden hangers -R13.00/pack of 3                               Kiddies Wooden Hangers -R13.00/pack of 3

              Circular knitting needles R25.00 ea.                             Knitting Row counters-R20.00/pack of 2

             Stitch holder-R15.00/pack of 2                                       Wool needles to sew up-R12.00/pack of 2

             Afghan crochet hook 30cm-R30.00 ea.                        Elle Sock Needles 5 per pack-R25.00/pack

             Cable stitch needles-R15.00/2 pack                              Elle Tape measure retractable-R20.00 ea.

             Wool  Winder – R270.00 each                                          Knit Pro Soft Grip crochet hooks-from R35.00 ea.

N.B- We reserve the right to limit quantities. Credit card/Bank transfer payments accepted. Sorry no cheque payment accepted. Prices include VAT, excludes post/pack charge. All mail parcels sent Insured post. E.OE

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